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Company Mission

Our products differ from other music education products by building on users' already powerful intuitions. In designing our computer based learning environments and the related hands-on music makers, we have developed activities that teach through inquiry, projects-based and multi-media approaches to learning.

How are we different?

Our products and activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate. Children as young as 5-7 easily participate in our basic projects, while older children and adults can move on to more advanced activities. Consistent with our research on what works, all projects involve users in moving seamlessly through multiple sensory modalities, multiple media and multiple modes of representation.

We are creating a cluster of interesting and stimulating projects to help users discover the conventions of common musical practice while enjoying the fun of inventing and performing musically coherent and personally satisfying compositions.

Our products are also helping participants become more active and appreciative music listeners. To really appreciate a piece, we help users "tune in" on where the action is.

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