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Welcome to Impromptu 2.2!

Impromptu has been designed as a teaching tool to help you interrogate and develop your own musical intuitions. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the text Developing Musical Intuitions, and the accompanying music audio CD. Please remember that the version of Impromptu packaged with the published text is already obsolete (running only on the Macintosh OS9).

The text includes a series of composition like projects that are carried out using the Impromptu software. In turn, the effectiveness of Impromptu depends on the guidance and analysis included in the text. Critical to the effectiveness of both is the user's active interrogation of his/her intuitions, creative process, and completed compositions. Impromptu begins by getting you directly involved in making music.
To get started with the projects and the software, click here to download an abbreviated version of "Developing Musical Intuitions." This will put a zip file of the Mini Text on your desktop. Reference is made throughout this abbreviated version to specific pages in the text where projects and musical issues are discussed in much greater detail. The full textbook edition also includes an audio disk with recorded examples of music related to the projects.

For more specific documentation, there is an extensive Help function within the application. Just pull down the Help menu and click on Help Topics.The mini-text includes documentation along with projects for composing tunes and making percussion accompaniments. The projects in the mini-text are most effectively used in this order:

  1. Reconstructing Tunes
  2. Composing Tunes
  3. Making Meter

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