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Impromptu Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need Java?

    • Impromptu is written in the Java language and this requires Java to be installed in your computer before it can be run. Java allows us to write a robust application which runs in Windows and Macintosh OS X without modifications. This makes it easier for us to offer Impromptu for free.

  2. How Do I know if I have Java installed?

  3. How Do I install Java?

    • Java for Macintosh OS X can be obtained from Apple Computer. Open your System Preferences panel, and select Software Udpate. Select Check Now and update your computer with the latest Java from Apple Computers. For other operating systems such as Windows and Linux, you can install Java from Sun Microsystems. Follow the link to Download J2SE SDK.

  4. How Do I install Impromptu?

    • Please follow the installation instructions in our installation pages and verify that you have unzipped the Impromptu.zip file properly and check that your folders and files look like the pictures shown in the instructions.

  5. Is Impromptu an applet?

    • No, Impromptu is not an applet. It does not run inside a browser. Impromptu is what you call an executable jar, which means that once you have Java installed in your computer, double clicking on the Impromptu program file called Impromptu.jar, will run your program.

  6. How Do I run the Impromptu aplication?

    • Double clicking on the Impromptu program file called Impromptu.jar, will run your program.

  7. I don't hear sound or my blocks don't play, why?

    • Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Impromptu and that you have downloaded the Java JDK version, not the JRE version.

  8. Where are my Tunes Saved?

    • Impromptu automatically directs you to save to your user tunes folder. This folder is called "ImpromptuTunes" and is located in the Impromptu folder where you unzipped the Impromptu application.This folder is created automatically the very first time you run Impromptu.

  9. What new features are planned for Impromptu?

    • There are a few new playrooms being developed for Impromptu. Harmonization and rounds playrooms similar to the ones available in the Mac OS 9 version will be available shortly. Other new playrooms will be available later this summer.

  10. What is new in version 2.2?

    • The Harmonization playroom is now implemented in this version of Impromptu.

  11. Will Impromptu run in Mac OS 9?

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